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V CORE is the most effective technology for muscle conditioning and fat loss!
V CORE is a revolutionary medical method without risk and without social unavailability, which allows to redraw and strengthen the silhouette.
V CORE technology is exclusive in France 
V CORE is an ultra-advanced technique. It uses focused electromagnetic emissions and high intensity muscle electrostimulation. Non-invasive, it thus generates two actions: muscle strengthening and the destruction of subcutaneous fat.
In 25 minutes V CORE causes 36,000 “supramaximal” contractions!

V CORE is shaking up modern body medicine!

With its remarkable functionality, V CORE causes fatty tissue dissolution, rapid and effortless muscle development and strengthening. Non-invasive and in just 25 minutes V CORE sculpts the silhouette and lifts the buttocks:

without injection
without incision
without risk
without side effects

A healthy lifestyle as well as a good diet helps maintain results.